Safeguard Biosystems is commercializing rapid, cost-effective, molecular diagnostic technologies and tests with exceptional performance. These can be effectively used for mass surveillance and selective screening for pathogens and other agents for agriculture, food safety, genetic screening and human health applications.

Tests in development include:


Detects the Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) virus in cattle.


Detects bacteria associated with herd health and milk quality factors.


Applies the DNA Barcoding technique to determine the authenticity of food at a genetic level (initially for identifying fish species).

In the development of our technologies and tests we have worked with leading scientific institutions such as Argonne National Laboratory (US Government), the US Department of Agriculture, the Veterinary and Central Science Laboratory Agencies (UK Government), IMTEK (Germany), Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (Canada) and the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding.

Safeguard Biosystems operates in North America, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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